Making Renting Better – For our team

It may sound hackneyed, but our team means everything to our business. It’s simple really. If people are nurtured and cared for, they are more likely to be happy and enthusiastic in their work, which means they will take excellent care of our clients.

Everyone on the team is provided with a supportive and trusting environment and encouraged to develop to their full potential. There are regular one-to-ones with senior management. After basic competencies are in place, individuals are given a great deal of autonomy in the training they choose to pursue. So long as it relates to our business of managing rental property, almost anything is up for grabs. People take courses in subjects as diverse as law, technology, management, leadership, business and photography, as well as many others.

The result is clear to see. You’ll notice the enthusiasm in every interaction. We’ve won a string of industry awards and we’re the first estate or letting agency in the UK to have been assessed at the highest level of Platinum by Investors in People.

Meet the Team

Jack Gallagher

Jack Gallagher (MARLA)


A veteran landlord with a background in IT and investment banking. Jack provides continuous support and encouragement to the team. His mission is to constantly drive standards of service to new heights. Since founding Western Lettings in 2008, Jack’s areas of special interest have been systems and technology. He holds postgraduate degrees in nuclear physics and macroeconomics.

Sandra Munro

Sandra Munro (MARLA)

Office Manager

A tireless finisher. Sandra keeps the office running smoothly while helping out with business development. Some of her other duties include handling all of the client accounting, VAT, payroll and business book-keeping. Sandra was supported through her HNC and she is now working towards a BSc in Business & Finance. Sandra’s main area of special interest is workflow management.

Caroline Baxter

Caroline Baxter

Company Secretary

Relentlessly optimistic and cheerful, Caroline looks after company administration, organizes events and generally supports team morale. After retiring from her career as an intensive care nurse, Caroline returned to the front line to help out during the Covid pandemic. She brings a valuable perspective to the daily stresses of work in a letting agency business.
Caroline’s special area of interest is training and development and she has championed our Investors in People initiative. Passionate about the issue of sustainability, she took the business Carbon Neutral in 2020. Caroline holds a postgraduate degree in medical science.

Matthew Mouat

Matthew Mouat (MARLA)

Compliance Manager

A true gem. After six years in the lettings industry, Matt joined Western Lettings in the summer of 2018. His progress since then has been an inspiration for everyone on the team.
As well as his property management function, Matt looks after all property compliance and manages our fleet of electric cars.

Kirsty McMillan

Kirsty McMillan (MARLA)

Lettings Team Leader

Kirsty’s primary responsibility is the smooth running of our letting operations, including design and auditing of all core processes. Other responsibilities comprise organising the team diary, facilitating client onboarding and property management. Kirsty’s impressionable leadership skills shine and reflect upon the team, notably gained from her degree in International Events Management.

Connor Benson

Connor Benson (MARLA)

Senior Property Manager

An enthusiastic all-rounder, Connor loves a mix of tasks. On a typical day, you might find him jumping out to grab some marketing photos in the afternoon after chasing down some thorny maintenance in the morning. Connor casually handles his property management work while fielding all of our internal IT issues. Fortunately, he holds a degree in computer science.

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Harry Ferguson (MARLA)

Property Manager

Having successfully graduated from university studying International Hospitality Management, Harry is familiar with the degree of urgency and detail required to deliver top level customer experience. These are attributes Harry transfers and invests into the management of his property portfolio.

Indiah Feruglio

Indiah Feruglio (MARLA)

Property Manager

A dedicated team member at Western Lettings, Indiah brings valuable retail and hospitality experience to her role. She’s a determined individual, currently pursuing an honours degree whilst excelling at her professional responsibilities.

Lucas Brightey

Lucas Brightey (MARLA)

Property Manager

Lucas leverages his extensive background in high-speed retail and adept people management to provide exceptional service at Western Lettings. His skills ensure both tenants and landlords receive tailored assistance, solidifying the company’s reputation for excellence.

Abby Doherty

Abby Doherty

Property Manager

Abby brings a refreshing energy to her role, navigating the intricacies of property management with enthusiasm. Her cheerful attitude and proactive approach create a welcoming atmosphere for both tenants and landlords, whilst ensuring smooth transactions. Abby’s additional responsibilities include recruitment and organising team events as part of our social committee.

Zoe Walton

Zoe Walton

Property Manager

Zoe is a valued member of the property management team, having honed her skills through extensive experience in customer service. Proactiveness and precision define Zoe’s approach, as she utilises her degree in International Business and Marketing to perform in her role.

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Maintenance Technician

Meet Mark, one of our dedicated Maintenance Technicians at Western Lettings. His commitment to excellence ensures our properties are always in top-notch condition. Helping locked-out tenants, or satisfying compliance requirements with Legionnaires risk assessment and PAT tests – Mark will guarantee a secure and safe environment for all.

Jim Granger

Jim Granger

Maintenance Technician

Jim is a seasoned maintenance technician with a remarkable 40 years’ of experience, boasting renowned joinery skills. Jim is the go-to professional for precision and reliability. With his wealth of experience, Jim perfectly combines craftsmanship and technical proficiency in his role.