Your Journey to Becoming a Western Lettings Tenant

1. Apply online

You’ve seen one of our properties online which you quite fancy as your new home. Just visit our website, find the property and click the ‘apply online’ button. We’ll normally get back to you within one business day to discuss your note of interest.

2. Pay a reservation deposit

When we have reviewed your note of interest, we will ask you to pay a reservation deposit, which is normally £300. Only one applicant will be asked to pay a reservation deposit. We’ll send a receipt for your reservation deposit and a link to complete a Tenant Application Form.

3. Complete your Tenant Application Form

The form will have a few sections for you to complete with your contact details, employment status and address history. You will not be required to supply any documents or evidence of affordability at this stage. When we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll send a link to complete your referencing with Vouch.

4. Complete your referencing

You’ll get a link to start your referencing with Vouch. Their system is quick and easy to use. You can submit ID and affordability evidence by sending photos from your smartphone. When we get the results of your referencing, we’ll speak to the landlord and get back to you with a decision.

5. Physical viewing

Assuming you still wish to proceed at this stage you will have the option to view the property in person. We’ll arrange a time and meet you at the property. If you change your mind, we will return your reservation deposit.

6. Digitally sign your tenancy agreement

Shortly before your move-in date, we will send you a digitally signable tenancy agreement. Each tenant and their guarantor (if they have one) will be asked to sign the agreement. When everyone has signed, Western Lettings will sign on behalf of your landlord and a copy will be sent to each tenant.

7. Settle the balance of the rent and security deposit

You will have been sent a receipt detailing the balance amount when you paid your reservation deposit. Normally the security deposit is the agreed rent plus £200. The amount due must arrive as cleared funds in our client account at least one business day prior to your move-in date.

8. Move in

The big day. Shortly before your move in, we will share a cloud storage folder with you containing all your tenancy documents, including your tenancy agreement, inventory and safety inspection certificates for your new home. We’ll visit your property shortly prior to your move, to get meter readings and make sure there are no surprises in store. We’ll provide the meter readings to the utility providers and let the council tax office know about your move. All you need to do is collect the keys from our office.

9. Welcome aboard

We want to do whatever we can to help you settle into your new home. If there are any teething troubles, just let us know. We’ll send you a link to a smartphone app that you can use to report any maintenance issues.